Hotpress Heat Seal Lamination


Kym offers a unique Thermal Overlay Lamination which is highly sought after for images that are printed onto Canvas. After a 24 hour drying time to allow the Archival inks to fully cure, it is put through the Hotpress Vacuum Thermal Overlay process to bond the laminate to the canvas surface to protect from UV damage and becomes waterproof to allow for cleaning and is very durable indeed.


This is our most popular heatseal laminate. This film offers a unique finish that conforms to the surface it is pressed against (under heat and vacuum). The normal result is a very rich lustre finish, which is achieved by pressing the film against the surface of the foam blanket in the Hot Press. This normal finish is very reminiscent of the lustre texture found on photographic paper. To change the finished texture, the artwork can be re- pressed against other textured or smooth surfaces to give an almost limitless choice of textures, from a single roll of film. This film can also used as a glossy top coating when prints are bonded to canvas, or printed inkjet canvases are laminated.

The overall finish of this film, once processed, is a stippled sheen effect. This film is often used to laminate posters and prints, as its subtle finish closely mimics that of the printed piece. The satin sheen finish reduces glare, but does not reduce contrast, as the film is relatively thin. This film can also used as a satin top coating when prints are bonded to canvas, or printed inkjet canvases are laminated.

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