Photo and Art Scanning

Photo and Art

We have a large format Epson 11000XL A3 scanner which is perfect for scanning large painting and photos.

We regularly scan large works of art up to 1.5 x 1.2 metres in size.

Quite time consuming work as the final image requires many scans of high quality and then the images must put together seamlessly for a perfect result.

Artists can now have their worked scan to file and printed for sale at leisure.

Kym offers Conservation mat boards with an extensive range to choose from such as Crescent Cotton Rag and Alpha Cellulose. (Rag mats are pure cotton and museum grade, Alpha mats are lignin free timber pulp and generally rated preservation grade). Lignin is a complex polymer that binds plant fibers together. Heat and light exposure accelerate deterioration, causing acidic deterioration of fibers in close proximity. For this reason unrefined wood pulp is used only to make papers that do not require a long life span, such as newspaper. The Alpha Cellulose fibers are inherently lignin free or processed to remove lignin.