Preservation Framing

What is Preservation

Preservation framing designates use of materials and procedures that do not alter the condition of the item, protects the item from anticipated hazards, and is completely reversible without the use of invasive treatments.

Preservation is utilizing the appropriate techniques and materials to protect and enhance valuable artworks and slow the aging process.

Preventative actions are paramount to protect the artwork and keep it safe to ensure the longevity of the artwork.

Kym has served for 2 years as Secretary on the Management Committee of Professional Picture Framing Association of Australia and New Zealand. She has travelled to many workshops interstate to learn the appropriate Preservation Techniques and continues to update skills in order to serve her customers with the most up to date and current guidelines available.

Kym offers Conservation mat boards with an extensive range to choose from such as Crescent Cotton Rag and Alpha Cellulose. (Rag mats are pure cotton and museum grade, Alpha mats are lignin free timber pulp and generally rated preservation grade). Lignin is a complex polymer that binds plant fibers together. Heat and light exposure accelerate deterioration, causing acidic deterioration of fibers in close proximity. For this reason unrefined wood pulp is used only to make papers that d not require a long life span, such as newspaper. The Alpha Cellulose fibers are inherently lignin free or processed to remove lignin.