Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink 4oz

Pinata Colours (4oz or Approx 118ml), they are a heavily saturated and fast-drying alcohol ink for application on a variety of surfaces including non porous surfaces, such as glass, metal, plastics and ceramics.

These inks are indelible and not effected by water once dry. Pinata alcohol inks are cleaned up with alcohol and re-wet themselves which in turn allows the artist to create unique fluid effects.

Pinata Inks are Dye based and are highly transperant. The outstanding adhesive properties of this ink teamed up with their extremely lightfast dyes used in each colour make it the ideal choice for fluid art on non-porous surfaces.

Great for Fluid Art and creating cells and swirling effects.

A  further flat fee of $10 applies to all dangerous goods above 500ml.


Baja Blue, Blanco Blanco, Brass, Burro Brown, Calabaza Orange, Chili Pepper, copper, Havanna Brown, Lime Green, Mantilla Black, Passi On Purple, Passion Purple, Pearl, Rainforest Green, Rich Gold, Sangria, Santa Fe Red, Sapphire Blue, Senorita Magenta, Shadow Grey, Silver, Sunbright Yellow, Tangerine