Here at Kym Gow Art, we are a supplier of Artisue Creative . We stock and supply Artisue Creative  products as well as running workshops using this fantastic product, please get in touch to find out more.

Artisue Creative provides a wide range of colours to cater to varies styles and schemes. These products have been formulated specifically for the use in Epoxy Resin. The colours are vibrant, bold and have a beautiful depth of colour. The powder pigments are also suitable for pouring mediums such as Liquitex and Gac 100. So whether you are a Resin Artist or a Flow Artist they have a array of colours to suit your needs.


Kym Gow Art is a Perth based supplier of Solid Solutions products. Visit our online store or get in touch to find out more.

Solid Solutions was the first company in Australia with the vision to unify a then scattered array of moulding and casting materials and technologies into a collective, they are now taking that most appropriate collective with them on their next quest into the bold new world of ‘Visual Chemistry’.

Solid Solutions has been carrying out its own research for sometime, along with seeking out product breakthroughs from like minded companies; to form a sea of new creativity potentials. This sea of new potentials is starting to swirl, a place for the more adventurous to draw from, be they Artists, Architects or Artisans.

The quest is on to push the cutting edge, the cutting edge in casting and fabricating materials, new ways to produce tactile surfaces, expand light plays in surface coatings, provide stimuli reactive surface coatings and we expect, to come up with breakthrough visual effects never before seen.

So follow Solid Solutions as they break through the ice to reach new possibilities.